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Raclette Party Packs!

We got our hands on 3 whole wheels of delicious Raclette cheeses and we are putting together the ultimate Raclette pack for you to enjoy with friends & family this Winter!

The pack includes:
- Sliced cheese, we suggest a mix of 2 or 3 cheeses:

*Raclette Livradois (classic & mild from Auvergne - France) 

 *Raclette Du Brézain (wood fire smoked from Haute Savoie - France. 

*Churchill Rd Raclette (stinkier &more robust from Dellendale Creamery in Denmark - WA)

- Sliced charcuterie: Bresaola, Prosciutto Di Parma, Smoked Ham and Veneto Sopressa 

- Cornichons from Marseille 

Raclette pack = $35pp

Optional add-ons:
- Rustic Baguette $7
- Fresh Black Truffle $MP
- Papier d’Arménie French incense $14.95/$16.95
- Tote bag $29.95

We also have a couple of Raclette machines we can lend you!

Pop by the deli or email to place your order 

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